Exploring BeagleBone

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Part I : BeagleBone Basics

Chapter 1: The BeagleBone Hardware

Chapter 2: The BeagleBone Black Software

Chapter 3: Exploring Embedded Linux Systems

Chapter 4: Interfacing Electronics

Chapter 5: Practical BeagleBone Programming

Part II: Interfacing, Controlling, and Communicating

Chapter 6: Interfacing to the BeagleBone Input/Outputs

Chapter 7: Cross‐Compilation and the Eclipse IDE

Chapter 8: Interfacing to the BeagleBone Buses

Chapter 9: Interacting with the Physical Environment

Part III: Advanced BeagleBone Systems

Chapter 10: The Internet of Things

Chapter 11: BeagleBone with a Rich User Interface

Chapter 12: Images, Video, and Audio

Chapter 13: Real‐Time BeagleBone Interfacing