This page contains photographs that can be used as backgrounds on your desktop computer. Each photograph is available in a range of sizes — for the best quality results, please select the image with the closest resolution to your desktop resolution. In addition to the most common desktop resolutions, there is a WSXGA+ image size (1680 x 1050), which is the upper resolution on the BeagleBone Black (at a decent frame rate) and so this image size can be used as a background on a BeagleBone-attached desktop display. Click on the images below for high-resolution versions of the photographs.
All images are © Derek Molloy 2014-. They can be freely used for personal use, but any publicly accessible reproduction should not alter the image and should cite this website as the source of the image. The photographs were taken using a Canon EOS 6D with a 100mm f/2.8-32 macro lens and using a lens-mounted white LED light ring that I built myself! Many photos have a shallow depth of field — this really helps in allowing desktop icons to stand out.