Download the Source Code

All of the source code that is described in this book is available in a public GitHub repository: Derek Molloy Exploring BeagleBone repository.

You can clone this repository on a Linux desktop computer or your BeagleBone using the command:

You can also install a Windows GitHub desktop application or a Mac OS X GitHub desktop application. Alternatively, you can download a full ZIP archive of the code using the following link: Download Source Code (this is a live link that automatically provides you with the very latest files).

Code Library API Documentation

The library of code that is made available in the GitHub repository library directory has support for Doxygen (as described on Page 269) . This support is twofold — it provides a template for you to use in documenting your own projects and it provides details of the classes that are available in this API. There are two versions of the documentation available:

To build this documentation enter the exploringBB/library/docs directory and type: doxygen ExploringBB.Doxyfile. You should not attempt to install the Doxygen tools or LaTeX on the BeagleBone as they both occupy a considerable amount of storage space.

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